How do we start when we talk to prospects?

How do we start when we talk to prospects?

Following are the steps to take with prospects. This sequence gives us the best chance to sell or enroll our prospects. ( Learn the Skills in our Network Marketing Skills Online Course

Step #1. Create trust and belief with our prospects. If our prospects don’t believe the good things we say, we are dead. Our companies could offer the best plan in the world, but if there is no trust or belief, our prospects won’t engage. Fortunately, this only takes a few seconds to do. But if we don’t know how to do it, or if we choose not to do it, we will have frustrating careers.

Step #2. Use a creative ice breaker to turn our social conversation and chit-chat into a conversation about our business. We don’t want to look like greedy or sleazy salespeople. Instead, we want to guide people with problems to our solutions. This removes that icky feeling that we have when we plead with people to look at our company video or review our literature.

Step #3. Close our prospects immediately. Give them a chance to say “yes” or “no” to fixing their problem with us. We have to learn this new skill so that we are effective when we talk to people. If we don’t know this skill, closing will create fear and rejection. That is a bad combination.

Step #4. Understand when and how to do a presentation. Yes, our presentation comes after our close. Regrettably, we feel that presentations should be given like they were given in the 1960s. In the old days, salespeople were taught to talk at people, telling them to hold their questions until the end. Then, unload unlimited information in the hopes that this would convince prospects to buy or join. Modern brain science shows us that this is the perfect way to repel people. Yes, what we thought worked actually pushes people away. We need to learn the new methods of presenting.

Learn the Skills in our Network Marketing Skills Online Course

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